Have a New Idea? Talk to a Patent Lawyer

bear away

So you’re an inventor and you have just recently thought of a new means of warding off bears from camping sites. Bear Away contains a container that hangs from a tree and also a fragrance that can most effectively be referred to as … well, let’s just say it’s pungent. You’re concerned a person may take your smelly repellent and also reap the rewards. Exactly how frustrating would certainly it be to create your item, only to discover a knockoff had currently been released? A patent is what you need.

A patent is a type of intellectual property that prohibits anybody else to produce, market, sell or use your creation without your consent. In other words, your idea stays in your control. So, how does someone patent an idea? Obtaining one can be a tricky process. The support of someone which knows the ins and outs of the patent process could save you lots of time as well as, ultimately, cash. That’s the job of a patent agent. If you’re in California, follow the link to learn more about patent agents, attorneys, and lawyers near you, http://intellectualpats.com/patent-attorney/california/.

A patent agent or patent lawyer understands the guidelines and policies relating to patents that many innovators probably do not know exist. Certainly, you can get a patent without the assistance of a representative, however it could be dangerous. A mistake occasionally could lead to the Bear Away technology landing in a competitor’s hands in simply a couple of years. Furthermore, a license representative researches all the guidelines that the USPTO makes as well as keeps up to date on any type of changes in those laws.

A patent agent will certainly help you fill in the essential types, call the patent office, send in your application and also act on any sort of issues that might emerge while your patent is being reviewed. Concerns, incidentally, will almost certainly arise. A patent agent will generally send you a listing of denials. They’re things that should be corrected or changed in order for your application to be accepted. Your patent agent can assist you attend to those things or refute the rejections.

The expense of employing a patent representative could vary considerably depending upon the agent and also the complexity of your innovation– anywhere from a couple of thousand bucks to $20,000. The expense, nevertheless, of not working with a patent lawyer could be also steeper. Also, the smell of Bear Away cannot drive off the competitors.