Copyrights for Business

business copyrightThere are many aspects of copyright laws that businesses overlook. These areas include the business name, the content on their website, products they offer, etc. Having copyrights is vital to the success of a company. Without them, the works, logo, and even the name of the business can be used by third parties. Without a copyright, people are able to go on a website and copy all of its content and use it as their own. Without a copyright, a lawsuit cannot be filed if a competing business does this. Chris Murphy Sax Law wants our readers to stay updated on how to keep their work updated with current copyright laws. As mentioned before, without having the proper intellectual property/copyright protection filing, all of these things may be taken and used by other individuals or businesses with no repercussions. Next, Chris Murphy will discuss a couple of mandatory items for properly handling business copyrights. (Disclaimer: any information or services provided by this website is not considered legal advice.)

First of all, it is essential that every business have some form of legal counsel available to them. Business owners, entrepreneurs, software developers, and inventors living in the Houston, Texas area should visit for access to information and legal services from the Houston Business Law Group. A business attorney will be able to copyright and protect the intellectual property of any business. It is important for business owners to calculate the cost of an attorney into their monthly budget. If a business owner cannot afford an attorney, they will most likely have to copyright the material without professional help. Copyrights are usually very cost efficient and are the easiest intellectual property to file.

Business owners should always accurately display their copyrights. This is usually done by providing a disclaimer or including the copyright logo seen to the right and below. For more information about copyrighted material, please visit

copyright logo
This is the most popular copyright logo used by businesses.